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I'm new

I live in Houston and I have noticed some really annoying things about dancing here!
Why is it that everyone dances the same and ( I have not found to many stippers that have their own style of dance) Why is it that strippers all dance to basically all the same weekly top 40? Rap and Hip hop? Don't you understand that all that does in bring in the riff raff? Older men like Blues,Rock, Jazz etc... Most of them don't like Rap or Hip Hop and the older men are the ones with money and will show you the most respect. Here are some other things that I have noticed Not just here but in the business itself... Mostly dealing with customers
I wanted my first entry to be about the customers in strip clubs and the problems that occur because of the misunderstanding of the business.

1. Why is it that you ask a girl for her real name? If she wants you to know she will tell you, until then it's really none of your business!
     We make up names for ourselves for OUR protection. Once we get to know you and we feel that we can trust you then we may tell
      you it is our decision NOT yours!

2. Don't ask us "What, you don't trust me?" That has to be one of the most annoying questions a customer can ask a girl. First of all
     trust is something that you earn not something that is just given to you and since you are the customer and we are the entertainer is
     again up to us.

3.  Don't think that just because you tell us your name that means "that we NOW know you" Another annoying thing that customers do
      over and over again. Getting to know someone takes time when you tell us your name all that means is that we know your name we
      do NOT know you!

4. Why do you insist on knowing if we have a boyfriend, significant other etc... We are NOT going to tell you the truth because if we do you will more than likely walk away and we can't take that chance. Don't bother telling us "oh, it's ok  you can tell me the truth" because  most of us at one time or another have been told that and it was not a fact. How the hell if are we suppose to know what your reaction is going to be to the truth if we are not certain of how you preceive the business itself?

5. Don't come into a strip club looking for a girlfriend. Just because some of  you have a hard time getting a woman to converse with you outside of the club does not mean that you need to make it our problem. If you come in and get to know a woman a little and be yourself  you may have more of a chance with her. Otherwise you look pathetic and that is why some of you get taken advantage of. Then all you do is complain about the fact that we lied about it. Well, Dah what did you expect?

6. It is a business it's not a place to pick us up. If we happen to actually be attracted to someone that we meet you can tell ,after all we are far from shy and you don't have to ask us we will ask you.

7. Why is it that you ask us to leave with you? Then get insulted when we say " NO!" Don't you realize that there are many crazy people out there and since we actually don't know you personally that we are not going to leave with you?

8. Why is it that when we tell you that we don't want to leave with you that you say " don't worry I won't hurt you?" Well I'm sure that Jefferey Dahmner did'nt come out and tell his victims that he was going to kill them otherwise they would have never become a victim! DAH!!!

All of this is my opinion and my opinion only and my not reflect the opinions of other dancers in the industry!!!
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