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MAKEUP LOVE? [15 Apr 2013|03:52am]


I have decided to settle on Cosmetology with hair and makeup and decided to start doing makeup tutorial videos as a kickstart to get me in the mindset of it all.

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Felt I had to post this... [05 Feb 2010|09:24am]

Hi All... I feel I have to post this.. I have been a long time LJ follower and participant but I had to take my stuff off here for lots of reasons,

I also feel that the stripping industry support network here.. is just a little too quiet.

so sorry LJ but I feel I need another blog forum for this,

So for those of you who were following my entries before and are still interested in my writing... come on over here:


Look forward to seeing you all there, and best of luck to everyone else. Again... sorry LJ and Strippers Inc I really hope your forum support network continues. God knows we need it.

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[24 Oct 2009|07:03pm]


Looking for someone to play a blonde Playboy bunny. I'm talking ears and tail...the whole nine. It's not a strip club or a whore house. It's a high class bunny club. Ideal PBs would be Jenny McCarthy pictured here....http://images.paraorkut.com/img/pics/images/j/jenny_mccarthy-5437.jpg or Lindsey Roeper pictured here.....http://farm2.static.flickr.com/1057/1153115702_d7994626e3.jpg. This role although involving a high amount of sex appeal is a lot more than just smut. I want someone to think and develop the character. I am definitely open to us playing more than one character each. Sometimes "RP Worlds" develop that way. Below are some storylines that could be included. Feel free to choose, add to, and or contribute.

Some storyline ideas in brief form....

A woman grows up with low self esteem caused by the American image of beauty which is traditionally the "Barbie" look. She was a mousy brunette plain jane or something in HS and or college but eventually gave in and conformed to this image. Getting breast implants and blonde hair, she sees how much different people react to her. It has positives and negatives. One of the positives is her job, making over a 100k a year at the bunny club. While at the bunny club, she meets a variety of successful men until a well to do gentleman comes into her life. She is now living the life any girl would dream of. Lots of money, dates, no work, and a thriving social life.

A woman who was a big 80s or 90s or early 2000s star has seen better days. She could have been a Playmate, actress, singer, etc...some sort of original somewhat big celeb. With her career pretty much dead as all stars someday face she goes to or goes back to Playboy to work at the club hoping to make lots of money and get her name back out there. This variation can be light or dark. She could be taken advantage of by her boss and turned into a cash cow for the club and made to do "humiliating" things a feminist or career woman would hate. In a lighter tone, it could have some sort of romance involved. 

A woman graduates high school with a sexist young man who believes women are happier in their natural feminine and submissive state. He explicitly said this to anyone who would listen in high school including her. Being a feminist, she was horribly disgusted by his values and they got into frequent arguments. He would tell her things that he didn't realize would have an effect on her long term. He would call her part of the itty bitty tittie committee or say that by going into serious a serious career that men will think she is a lesbian. It's now years later and they run into each other. She discovers he actually accomplished quite a bit in his life and was now managing the bunny club. While he ran several successful businesses, her career just never got off the ground and eventually she lost her career, being pushed out. This reason can vary and we can discuss it. She has since given in, gone blonde and began pursuing a career based on her looks because she is so far in debt, it's the only she'd ever get out. She now has to work for the sexist kid who told her she'd be showing off her tits someday.

A young drug dealer moves to the city. He mainly specializes in pot and non-addictive drugs. He likes the money, party, and night life scene. Now being a regular at the club, he meets her and things take off. Despite being serious and bringing countless amounts of money, he is actually a decent guy. He went but never finished at Harvard. He uses his knowledge of business and the night life to be very successful. He likes to have fun but is serious about "the game." Essentially, a good natured drug dealer. Now making it to the top, he meets her, a bunny, at the club. His risky occupation and alpha traits are starting to attract lots of high prized women but he takes a liking to her.

A Playboy bunny moves down the street from a rich HS or college student whose father decided to teach him responsibility by cutting his allowance to that of a regular teen and encouraged him to find a job. Being spoiled, bored, and dangerous the son begins selling drugs. The bunny down the street who used to the night life and drug scene starts giving him certain perks in exchange for the drugs. Not because she can't afford it but just because she is so attracted to his youthful jocky all American male image. 

I am really looking for anything fun, creative, and sexy with Jenny or Lindsey with a bunny club setting. I'm open to pretty much any idea. These are just some suggestions. I love personality and appearance change so any role involving a plain jane becoming a blonde bombshell is welcomed as well. Other fetishes include breast implants.

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WV sucks. [06 Sep 2009|02:55pm]

I need advice! So the first club I started dancing at was great, but I left because of something that happened. It was a slow night and there was one guy who had tons of money in there. He got a private dance with me and he liked one so he was about to get another one. So then this other little unattractive girl (she was new like me) started bitching at him because he had supposedly promised her one. He ended up just having both of us in there, and she put her leg up and he started fingering her right in my face. She looked at me and was like ''is this ok? can he do this?" i was like ''NO!!!''....but she let him keep doing it. 
After that, i was like "wow i need to go". 
So i went to this really well known club, and it was a complete 360 from the other club- bigger, and the girls were mean and terrible. They were all white with sillicon breasts. I tried to make the best of it and was polite to everyone and it didn't help. Then the manager actually suggested that I go somewhere else because they were ''fully staffed''...I knew it was because I don't 'fit in' there looks-wise....I KNOW I 'm a very good dancer, I'm positive, up beat and nice to everyone...Ugh...i'm bummed.

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What supplies do I need to bring? [24 Jul 2009|11:22pm]

I'll be working as a house mom in a few weeks.. What supplies should I bring?

Here is some of my list..

- Baby Wipes
- Lotion
- Safety Pins
- Bobby Pins
- Rubber Bands
- Aspirin
- Ibruprofen
- Band Aids
- Rubbing Alcohol
- Hydrogen Peroxide
- Foam Plates, Cups
- Soda, Water, Chips, Cookies

Can you help me add more to the list? Thanks in advance

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House Mom's... [17 Jul 2009|12:49am]


Hello, in 2 weeks a club around here will be opening.
I'm going to be a house mom along with one of my friends.
They will try out having one for 4 days a week.
My friend will work it 2 days and I'll work the other 2.

We will be making min wage  plus a $5 tip out from each girl.

Can anyone give me advice on how to be a good house mom?
I will be bringing in treats for the girls, along with things like tampons, baby wipes, aspirin, and so on.

I would appreciate any advice you could give me.. Weather it be things to bring, or things I should do, Things to watch out for, Rules I should make.. and so forth.. Thanks in advance!

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FRENCH STRIPTEASE [17 Jun 2009|12:52am]

A musical striptease directed by Benoît di Sabatino

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Strip club blog [01 Dec 2008|12:29am]

So I'm the new graphic/web designer for Elemental Entertainment in Edmonton,Canada. We own two brands Eden Strip Club and Diamonds Gentlemen's Club. I have an idea to set up blogs on each site that would be updated by the staff, DJs, and regular strippers with hopefully unique content that would grab the attention of regulars and others in the area and kind of keep them connected to the brands. First have you seen this done in any form, and if so any ideas in general direction to go with content? Besides updates by staff, i found these links, a mixture of funny,semi-serious content. LINK1 LINK2 LINK3. In the end I'm sure trial and error would give me more answers, but just thought it wouldn't hurt to ask first.

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Jealousy? OH PLEASE! Give me a break! [17 Aug 2008|09:42pm]
    Ok, What is the deal with customers coming in and getting jealous of us sitting with someone else?  Do they think that they own us or something? We are not their girlfriends! Hell, we are not even their friends!! They are customers!! If they are not spending (or spending enough) we go elsewhere. After all they don't know how much we need that night to cover our bills now do they? Get a fucking grip!
  I also think it's funny that just because they spent to much on drinks  (for everyone else) that we either got that money or we owe them the company cause they spent it. HELLO!!
  I had someone in the other day that was standing next to his friend and he got jealous because I hugged him! You can tell ladies all you have to do is read the body language and look at their faces. HOW pathetic! What a looser!! Did they ever stop and think that maybe that is why they are there in the first place? Maybe that is why they can't get a woman and  if they do they can't keep her happy? (not all customers of course)
   I also think it funny that when another girl sits down with a customer that already has a girl sitting with them and that girl gets angry that the customer thinks that the first girl is jealous over him!! HAHA!!! GUESS WHAT BUDDY SHE'S JUST PISSED CAUSE SHE DOES NOT WANT TO SHARE THE MONEY THAT YOU WILL POTENTIALLY GIVE HER WITH SOMEONE ELSE!!! hAHAHA!! what a dumbass! Don't flatter yourselves.

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Newbie [04 Aug 2008|05:30pm]

I was thinking about getting into stripping, but I don't know where to start or what to expect, etc. Can someone help me out?

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Yup, Fresh Meat [29 Jul 2008|05:08am]

[ mood | cheerful ]

Hi! I'm Nellie. I'm looking into a career in the club industry as a dancer and if anyone has any advice for a young and innocent girl about to delve into the world of nudity and adult entertainment, I would be thrilled if you laid it on me...
heh heh. :)

nice to meet you all!

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:) [21 Jul 2008|04:26am]

[ mood | creative ]

So I finished out my first week at 1320 club and I love it. Of course there's a little cattyness here and there, but that's life. But I was wondering if anyone knew of sex shops or places to get stripper clothes/shoes in DC? I just recently got a pair of pleaser heels and I love them! But I don't want to order online cause I'm impatient . Thanks girls! 

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Hi :) [28 Jun 2008|11:32pm]

[ mood | chipper ]

Hi, I'm Chloe and I finally got around to working at a club. I think I posted sometime here last year. I'm 19 and work at the 1320 club in Springfield,VA. I was wondering if anyone has suggestions on where to get costumes/lingerie/shoes? And any tips on learning pole tricks? I'm pretty set on what music I like so I don't need a playlist, but if anyone would like to shout out some songs, that's cool. I really like dancing to Katy Perry : I kissed a girl. I'm also here to make some friends in VA and DC. I might dance in DC as well cause in DC you can go nude and VA you can't. And some of the girls have told me you can make a little more money out there. Hope to hear from some of you girls soon!

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Experience with dancing [25 Jun 2008|04:21pm]

The summer of my freshmen year of college i decided to try stripping, to get some fast cash before college. I was 18.  Because I was young, I quickly gained clients, working friday and saturday nights. I absolutely suck at dancing, I didnt know what to do with a pole haha. I usually just made all my money from lap-dances. It was a topless club, we had to keep our g-strings on and such. Overall I pretty much regret the decision to become a stripper. You make SO much money, that it's so easy to get stuck in that type of life-style. I was making 450-700$ a night. Not only that, but after awhile I started to become bitter towards men...and completely lost my identity, emotionally and sexually. By the time I got to college, I had a hard time making friends. I couldnt relate to any of those girls, they were ...just so much younger (emotionally) ..i guess in a way stripping numbed me. But now, after about a year of not dancing, I'd say my scars have healed.
       Anyway, I'm just here to give a few tips to the girls here who want to start dancing.

First off, if you dont need the money, don't do it. Stripping is glorified on tv and its never what you expect, and men are dirtier than you imagine.

          Protect yourself at all times. The other girls at the club were always picking on me because I got more attention than they did... seriously f*ck them, they are not your friends..they will try to f*ck you over if youre making more money than them. Dont give away ANY personal information about yourself to ANYONE.

         You want to make good money at a club? There is no reason why you can't make atleast 200$ in a night.
             -find a relatively up-scale club..if the girls at a club arent making money, or if the club is not clean and the management is not organized..keep looking.
            - look AMAZING! This is 70%%% of the job. OR if youre a great dancer, (which im not, so i focused more on how i looked) that will also be a big part of it. Have an outfit thats matching/sexy. I always got more compliments when I would wear thick black make up to look exotic and the guys love light-pink lip gloss. Change outfits once or twice through the night. Also, I always made more money when I wore sparkly jewelry..(fake diamonds), it will catch people's eyes. Thats what you want, as many guys as possible to look at you.  And make sure your tights dont have holes in them, and get your nails done...these are two things that men have always noticed and disliked about a girl.
        -Make the guy feel good about himself, tell him how awesome it is that hes a (financial analyst or w/e the f*ck his job his)..you know stuff like that. Some guys even usually like to have some sort of slightly-intelligent conversation..as long as you dont make them feel dumb.
      -Be confident but NOT pushy. If they say "later" or something like that when you ask them to have a dance, move on...he wont spend money on you.
         -Unless youre hugely overweight, dont worry about not being hired. Clubs are ALWAYS looking for new girls and they usually let you work the night you were hired.

Any questions you could always friend me.

Also note, just because I dont dance anymore does not mean I dont like girls who dance. It has it's ups and downs, and its not for everyone and it wasnt for me.

good luck girls ..make that money hunnies :P


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It's a shame [21 Jun 2008|10:02pm]
that the business has turned into what it's turned into. It use to be so much fun! You could just sit at the bar and make money and the men would come in and have fun. Tell you about their day, tell jokes and laugh. Be let's see hmmmmm? ENTERTAINED!  Now most customers (not all) are drug-dealers with a few 1$ bills that they take to the stage and throw one at a time to dancers who are dancing the same music that everyone else is dancing to. Rap and hip-hop? How can anyone assume that rap and hip-hop is entertaining? I mean don't get me wrong, it's ok to play it but the same 10 songs over and over again? And what's with all the girls dancing the same? The BOODY POP? You know after I have seen it once I have seen it enough. Whatever happened to girls having their own style?  The BOODY POP is NOT sexy it's boring  if every girl is doing it. It's a desperate plea for attention.. To me it's seems like it's a "I can't do anything else so I"m going to do what is expected of me and what is popular" Hell, I never even touch the pole except to hold myself up and walk around. You don't have to do to much to make money.
  Besides, think of it this way.. Does any girl actually think that a customer is going to be there in  5 or maybe even 10 years from now when she is having back or knee surgery because of all the BS she did on the stage just to get a customer to tip her? NO! They won't. They won't be there to pay for it and trust me it WILL happen. Every  dancer I know that has danced for more than two years has serious back problems or knee problems. Take it easy girls!!  I personally don't worry about how much I make on stage I would rather make my money doing dances. It's faster money  and easier on your body. Plus think of all the customers that are getting a free shot of you busting your ass and they are NOT tipping. Why not a little ONE on ONE with a customer instead?

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Tell me if this makes sense [16 Jun 2008|07:35pm]
A man was standing at the end of the bar one night and I approached him. I asked him if he would like some company. He said NO I just came if for a beer! I am not here to look at boobs. I said "wouldn't a beer at a regular bar be cheaper?" He said " Yes, but there are not any half-naked girls there!" WHAT!? Wait, didn't you just say that you are only here for a beer? If so then why does it matter if there are no naked girls at a regular bar? DAH!!  FUCKING IDIOT!! and these men wonder why they are divorced,single, not wanted and alone. Gee I wonder why!! HAHAHAHA

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RISKEE.NET [11 Jun 2008|07:12pm]

Hey everyone ;) Come visit Riskee.net now! Not only is it my personal blog, but I also have a MEMBERS ONLY section for you to enjoy. Riskee is brand new and is being updated very frequently with lots of new, sexy pictures, videos, etc. You can even video chat with me! Subscribing members can also suggest what they'd like to see me do for my next photoshoots. I put a lot of work into my website and I'm so proud of it. I hope you all enjoy it and decide to join. :D



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greetings and a question [10 Jun 2008|12:04pm]

Hi everyone. I've been dancing in Atlanta for about a year now, and I will be moving to NYC in August for school. I'd like to keep dancing, but I don't know anything about clubs in New York. I would appreciate any advice/tips. Thanks so much!

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I'm new [22 May 2008|02:06am]
I live in Houston and I have noticed some really annoying things about dancing here!
Why is it that everyone dances the same and ( I have not found to many stippers that have their own style of dance) Why is it that strippers all dance to basically all the same weekly top 40? Rap and Hip hop? Don't you understand that all that does in bring in the riff raff? Older men like Blues,Rock, Jazz etc... Most of them don't like Rap or Hip Hop and the older men are the ones with money and will show you the most respect. Here are some other things that I have noticed Not just here but in the business itself... Mostly dealing with customers
I wanted my first entry to be about the customers in strip clubs and the problems that occur because of the misunderstanding of the business.

1. Why is it that you ask a girl for her real name? If she wants you to know she will tell you, until then it's really none of your business!
     We make up names for ourselves for OUR protection. Once we get to know you and we feel that we can trust you then we may tell
      you it is our decision NOT yours!

2. Don't ask us "What, you don't trust me?" That has to be one of the most annoying questions a customer can ask a girl. First of all
     trust is something that you earn not something that is just given to you and since you are the customer and we are the entertainer is
     again up to us.

3.  Don't think that just because you tell us your name that means "that we NOW know you" Another annoying thing that customers do
      over and over again. Getting to know someone takes time when you tell us your name all that means is that we know your name we
      do NOT know you!

4. Why do you insist on knowing if we have a boyfriend, significant other etc... We are NOT going to tell you the truth because if we do you will more than likely walk away and we can't take that chance. Don't bother telling us "oh, it's ok  you can tell me the truth" because  most of us at one time or another have been told that and it was not a fact. How the hell if are we suppose to know what your reaction is going to be to the truth if we are not certain of how you preceive the business itself?

5. Don't come into a strip club looking for a girlfriend. Just because some of  you have a hard time getting a woman to converse with you outside of the club does not mean that you need to make it our problem. If you come in and get to know a woman a little and be yourself  you may have more of a chance with her. Otherwise you look pathetic and that is why some of you get taken advantage of. Then all you do is complain about the fact that we lied about it. Well, Dah what did you expect?

6. It is a business it's not a place to pick us up. If we happen to actually be attracted to someone that we meet you can tell ,after all we are far from shy and you don't have to ask us we will ask you.

7. Why is it that you ask us to leave with you? Then get insulted when we say " NO!" Don't you realize that there are many crazy people out there and since we actually don't know you personally that we are not going to leave with you?

8. Why is it that when we tell you that we don't want to leave with you that you say " don't worry I won't hurt you?" Well I'm sure that Jefferey Dahmner did'nt come out and tell his victims that he was going to kill them otherwise they would have never become a victim! DAH!!!

All of this is my opinion and my opinion only and my not reflect the opinions of other dancers in the industry!!!

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SHOES & BOOTS! [16 May 2008|07:51am]

If this is not okay I will delete it.
Please make me on offer on anything. I need to get rid of these b/c I am moving and I could really use the money.
I have two pair of heels and a pair of thigh high boots for sale. They are all in great condition. The shoes are my favorite brand to dance in. I havn't danced in years but these are the second pair of both b/c I love them so much. The black have been worn 2xish and the white have never been worn. The boots have only been worn a handful of times and are in great condition. They have interchangable red or black ribbon laces and xip up the side. You can see my journal for more info. I also have a few short skirts that are absolutely adorable!


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