city_strippers (city_strippers) wrote in strippers_inc,

It's a shame

that the business has turned into what it's turned into. It use to be so much fun! You could just sit at the bar and make money and the men would come in and have fun. Tell you about their day, tell jokes and laugh. Be let's see hmmmmm? ENTERTAINED!  Now most customers (not all) are drug-dealers with a few 1$ bills that they take to the stage and throw one at a time to dancers who are dancing the same music that everyone else is dancing to. Rap and hip-hop? How can anyone assume that rap and hip-hop is entertaining? I mean don't get me wrong, it's ok to play it but the same 10 songs over and over again? And what's with all the girls dancing the same? The BOODY POP? You know after I have seen it once I have seen it enough. Whatever happened to girls having their own style?  The BOODY POP is NOT sexy it's boring  if every girl is doing it. It's a desperate plea for attention.. To me it's seems like it's a "I can't do anything else so I"m going to do what is expected of me and what is popular" Hell, I never even touch the pole except to hold myself up and walk around. You don't have to do to much to make money.
  Besides, think of it this way.. Does any girl actually think that a customer is going to be there in  5 or maybe even 10 years from now when she is having back or knee surgery because of all the BS she did on the stage just to get a customer to tip her? NO! They won't. They won't be there to pay for it and trust me it WILL happen. Every  dancer I know that has danced for more than two years has serious back problems or knee problems. Take it easy girls!!  I personally don't worry about how much I make on stage I would rather make my money doing dances. It's faster money  and easier on your body. Plus think of all the customers that are getting a free shot of you busting your ass and they are NOT tipping. Why not a little ONE on ONE with a customer instead?
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