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Experience with dancing

The summer of my freshmen year of college i decided to try stripping, to get some fast cash before college. I was 18.  Because I was young, I quickly gained clients, working friday and saturday nights. I absolutely suck at dancing, I didnt know what to do with a pole haha. I usually just made all my money from lap-dances. It was a topless club, we had to keep our g-strings on and such. Overall I pretty much regret the decision to become a stripper. You make SO much money, that it's so easy to get stuck in that type of life-style. I was making 450-700$ a night. Not only that, but after awhile I started to become bitter towards men...and completely lost my identity, emotionally and sexually. By the time I got to college, I had a hard time making friends. I couldnt relate to any of those girls, they were ...just so much younger (emotionally) ..i guess in a way stripping numbed me. But now, after about a year of not dancing, I'd say my scars have healed.
       Anyway, I'm just here to give a few tips to the girls here who want to start dancing.

First off, if you dont need the money, don't do it. Stripping is glorified on tv and its never what you expect, and men are dirtier than you imagine.

          Protect yourself at all times. The other girls at the club were always picking on me because I got more attention than they did... seriously f*ck them, they are not your friends..they will try to f*ck you over if youre making more money than them. Dont give away ANY personal information about yourself to ANYONE.

         You want to make good money at a club? There is no reason why you can't make atleast 200$ in a night.
             -find a relatively up-scale club..if the girls at a club arent making money, or if the club is not clean and the management is not organized..keep looking.
            - look AMAZING! This is 70%%% of the job. OR if youre a great dancer, (which im not, so i focused more on how i looked) that will also be a big part of it. Have an outfit thats matching/sexy. I always got more compliments when I would wear thick black make up to look exotic and the guys love light-pink lip gloss. Change outfits once or twice through the night. Also, I always made more money when I wore sparkly jewelry..(fake diamonds), it will catch people's eyes. Thats what you want, as many guys as possible to look at you.  And make sure your tights dont have holes in them, and get your nails done...these are two things that men have always noticed and disliked about a girl.
        -Make the guy feel good about himself, tell him how awesome it is that hes a (financial analyst or w/e the f*ck his job his) know stuff like that. Some guys even usually like to have some sort of slightly-intelligent long as you dont make them feel dumb.
      -Be confident but NOT pushy. If they say "later" or something like that when you ask them to have a dance, move on...he wont spend money on you.
         -Unless youre hugely overweight, dont worry about not being hired. Clubs are ALWAYS looking for new girls and they usually let you work the night you were hired.

Any questions you could always friend me.

Also note, just because I dont dance anymore does not mean I dont like girls who dance. It has it's ups and downs, and its not for everyone and it wasnt for me.

good luck girls ..make that money hunnies :P

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