city_strippers (city_strippers) wrote in strippers_inc,

Jealousy? OH PLEASE! Give me a break!

    Ok, What is the deal with customers coming in and getting jealous of us sitting with someone else?  Do they think that they own us or something? We are not their girlfriends! Hell, we are not even their friends!! They are customers!! If they are not spending (or spending enough) we go elsewhere. After all they don't know how much we need that night to cover our bills now do they? Get a fucking grip!
  I also think it's funny that just because they spent to much on drinks  (for everyone else) that we either got that money or we owe them the company cause they spent it. HELLO!!
  I had someone in the other day that was standing next to his friend and he got jealous because I hugged him! You can tell ladies all you have to do is read the body language and look at their faces. HOW pathetic! What a looser!! Did they ever stop and think that maybe that is why they are there in the first place? Maybe that is why they can't get a woman and  if they do they can't keep her happy? (not all customers of course)
   I also think it funny that when another girl sits down with a customer that already has a girl sitting with them and that girl gets angry that the customer thinks that the first girl is jealous over him!! HAHA!!! GUESS WHAT BUDDY SHE'S JUST PISSED CAUSE SHE DOES NOT WANT TO SHARE THE MONEY THAT YOU WILL POTENTIALLY GIVE HER WITH SOMEONE ELSE!!! hAHAHA!! what a dumbass! Don't flatter yourselves.
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