prttyinpink809 (prttyinpink809) wrote in strippers_inc,

WV sucks.

I need advice! So the first club I started dancing at was great, but I left because of something that happened. It was a slow night and there was one guy who had tons of money in there. He got a private dance with me and he liked one so he was about to get another one. So then this other little unattractive girl (she was new like me) started bitching at him because he had supposedly promised her one. He ended up just having both of us in there, and she put her leg up and he started fingering her right in my face. She looked at me and was like ''is this ok? can he do this?" i was like ''NO!!!''....but she let him keep doing it. 
After that, i was like "wow i need to go". 
So i went to this really well known club, and it was a complete 360 from the other club- bigger, and the girls were mean and terrible. They were all white with sillicon breasts. I tried to make the best of it and was polite to everyone and it didn't help. Then the manager actually suggested that I go somewhere else because they were ''fully staffed''...I knew it was because I don't 'fit in' there looks-wise....I KNOW I 'm a very good dancer, I'm positive, up beat and nice to everyone...Ugh...i'm bummed.

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